Step Through the Looking Glass.....with Lady Sage

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Testimonials from a Few of My Submissives





 “Old roads never seem as dusty as after some great stirring of the heart” (Morrison). It seems to me that when you have a truly wonderful moment (or in my case, ‘moments), what is more natural than to wish to hold onto it? 

 I was a young 64 year old novice when I made my first visit to Lady Sage’s dungeon.  Now, five years later (and still young at heart!) I never leave a session without wanting to hold onto each experience.  It seems the besetting frailty of age is the vain effort to stop the clock.  There have been so many moments with Lady Sage where I just wanted to “box up” the experience.  Such feelings remain true to this very day and have prompted me to write at this time.  Those who have been privileged to session with Lady Sage know what I’m talking about.  To those who may be new to the scene or who haven’t yet found that special Mistress, perhaps my sharing of a few personal thoughts from my heart might open a door for you to contact her.  You’ve probably heard similar thoughts expressed before as a sub gives tribute to his Mistress, but mine are absolutely honest and from the heart, and are freely given.

  CONFIDENTIALITY:  Never has there been a time when Lady Sage has betrayed my personal information, nor has she pressed me into divulging private info.  She has been put to the test numerous times by other slaves and circumstances, yet has maintained a valued integrity.

TRUST: Lady Sage knows what she’s doing, she is extremely skilled and professional. There are many domes who are here today and gone tomorrow.  Lady Sage over many years has withstood the test of time and she remains very active and trustworthy to this day.  As we know, the development of trust takes time.  I sensed this quality in her from my very first visit to her and it remains true to this very day.

SKILL: Whether you are a novice or an experienced sub, Lady Sage carefully and with sensitivity and great skill takes you in session to moments you will never forget.  Nor will you ever forget Lady Sage, the person, who takes time before and after a session to talk personally and informally with you.  You are valued…never judged….you are a person.

BEAUTY & SENSUAL: Both come from within and from without as I speak of Lady Sage.  Her physical presence commands me to instantly get on my knees before her.  The ever focus of her eyes on me accompanied by her carefully chosen words and touch in session launch me into an unforgettable mental zone.

 I have omitted details about my personal activity with Lady Sage during session, but hopefully you will be fortunate enough to experience for yourself not only a professional dome, but a friend as well.  Yes, she is a goddess, but she is Lady Sage and a friend.



A servant and true slave to Lady Sage


She Takes My Breath Away

When I am with Lady Sage, I truly feel like the luckiest man on the planet.  She is extremely beautiful, knowledgeable, witty, sensual, fun and caring. 

My first two sessions with Lady Sage focused on breath play and bondage.  I love to be on knees in front of Lady Sage with my arms bound, looking into her gorgeous green eyes while she sits comfortably in a chair.  On my knees and looking into the face of this radiant captivating woman, I eagerly await for Lady Sage to control breathing.  I cherish the time when Lady Sage takes my breath away by putting her hands over my nose and when she is wearing a pair of soft black leather opera length gloves.  The feel of her soft leather gloves on my nose and mouth controlling my ability to breathe is very arousing.  And when she releases her hands from my nose and mouth, I adore the smell of her leather gloves. 

But the most thrilling way Lady Sage controls my breathing in when she puts a clear plastic bag over my head and stretches it tightly across my face. Through the plastic bag I could see a wicked smile on her face.  When my arms are tightly bound and Lady Sage stretches a clear plastic bag tightly across by face, I know that this drop dead gorgeous woman is in total control of my life and I find that there is nothing more stimulating.       

If you desire a sweet-tempered whipping, look no further; there is no one better than Lady Sage. And by sweet-tempered, I do not necessarily mean a light whipping, but a whipping that is performed with a sensual style and witchery.  I am convinced that Lady Sage possesses magical powers.  You will find that because of her sweet-tempered witchery style, you will want to take a whipping harder than you ever expected. 

Before I met Lady Sage I was not at all interested in being whipped.  I was only interested in breath play.  I remember downloading and watching a video clip of Lady Sage administering a sensual and rather harsh whipping to a very lucky slave.  I decided that I must try this and there is no other Dominatrix that I rather try this with.   After we discussed my interest and what I wanted to do, Lady Sage tied my wrist together with rope.  She then raised my arms above my head and made me stretch my body to the point where only my toes were touching the floor. 

The picture perfect image of the way Lady Sage looked and the way she was dressed will never leave my mind.  She was dressed in a tight fitting black leather corset top, with a tight fitting black leather skirt, black leather boots, and opera length black leather gloves.  In her hand was a 5-foot single tail whip.  She started out by standing very close to me.  I was able to look into Lady Sage’s gorgeous green eyes.  The smell of her body, her hair and her leather clothing put me in a hypnotic state.  When I felt her soft leather skirt touch my naked body, I immediately got an erection. 

She then walked away from me.  I was able to look into a mirror and I could see Lady Sage swinging her whip at my naked body.  I was able to view the contours of her beautiful body as she swung her whip at me.  I loved what was happening to me.  Lady Sage’s magical powers were at work and I was now addicted to being whip by this drop dead gorgeous witch dressed in black leather. 

Lady Sage then gagged me with duck tape so I could not breathe through my mouth.  She then looked directly into my eyes and pinched my nose closed with her hand so I could not breathe.  In between whippings she very sensually teased me by rubbing her leather dressed body against my naked body and performed breath play by pinching my nose closed.  I could also feel her long beautiful hair brush against my body and my face.

Lady Sage is in the process of training me to love hard whippings.  A hard whipping is followed by very sensual teasing.  Just like Pavlov’s Dog learned to salivate when a bell is rung, I am learning to get an erection when I am whipped by Lady Sage, the harder the whipping the harder my erection. 

I have absolutely no desire to see any other Dominatrix.  THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND, I FOUND THE PERFECT WOMAN!




You have found your way to the website of a most extraordinary Lady.   She combines great beauty with a sense of humor and a caring personality.   I had the extreme good fortune to find Her website in the spring of 2002.   I was hoping to find a Mistress to serve somewhere in the state of Ohio.   Finding Her name on Max Fisch's roster, I clicked on Her name.  Her piercing green eyes, beautiful hair, sexy shoulders and slim figure had me entranced.   I knew the instant that I reviewed Her pictures that I needed to check Her out.

I finally got the courage to contact Her one day.   She not only looked great, She sounded great on the phone.   I liked Her voice-she sounded like someone who is intrinsically happy. That quality in a woman is something that I have always found makes Her more attractive.   She was friendly and we talked for several minutes.   She asked me for an email listing my interests, which I was all too happy to provide.   When She replied and granted me a session, I was in heaven.

I arrived in Columbus to find Her studio in an inconspicuous location.   My heart was pounding when I knocked on Her door.   She opened the door and I was floored by Her beautiful smile.   She and I talked for a few minutes so that I could feel comfortable and She could review what I had emailed Her.   She then ordered me into Her studio to undress and wait for Her.

The wait was not long, and it was worth every second.   The curtain opened and this gorgeous female walked in.   She was MESMERIZING, even better looking than I thought was possible.   Wearing a halter top, black leather miniskirt, and thigh high boots, She already had me by the balls when She was still on the other side of the room.   I was powerless to resist Her when She walked up behind me and put cuffs on my wrists and ankles.   We had not gone over the rules of her studio, and I wondered if speaking was prohibited, but I HAD to tell Her how awesome She looked!   Fortunately for me, She thanked me.

I had scheduled a 3-hour session with Her since my opportunities to travel to Columbus are limited.   Actually, She ran over 3 hours.   It was 3 of the fastest hours of my life.   Mistress chose a very sensual style of domination that day, and one that was extremely effective.   I was hooked almost immediately.   I could not keep my eyes off Her, and I kept telling Her how marvelous She looked.   She kept me restrained for most of the time while trying out most of Her nipple clamp collection, her violet wand, and candle wax.   Unfortunately, I could not be marked at my first visit.   She respected my limits, but she certainly probed them.    

Mistress permitted me to talk with Her during the session.   I was surprised that She allowed this but it is one of my most vibrant memories of the session.   She has a really wonderful sense of humor, and one of the best giggles I have ever heard.   With Her radiant smile and Her energy, She appeared to be enjoying Herself, as I was.   I cleaned Her boots and got a chance to be close to Her sexy legs.   Too soon, my time was up and I got dressed.   We talked for a few more minutes before I left.

I WAS HOOKED!!!  I would have stayed forever if She had let me.   We keep in touch by email, and I call Her occasionally because She has a terrific voice and is fun to listen to.   I was back in January for a second session, and some part of me doubted that it would be as much fun the second time around.   I was wrong, but it was wrong in a good way.   IT WAS EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST TIME!   I spent most of the session tied down on her table while She abused me in various ways.  She also spent more than a little time reddening my ass because I could be marked for a few days.   I had to count Her strokes and thank Her, keeping track of each cheek separately.   I screwed up at least once, to Her great enjoyment.   Actually, to mine too, because She was enjoying Herself and Her joy is infectious.   She was a great judge of how much to mark me because the marks were gone on the day I said I needed to be clean again.   We talked again through most of the session, and I found Her to be great fun.   After She had paddled me, I was still bent over and restrained.   She was behind me, and She leaned over me rubbing my ass and then my back.   Her hair brushed across my back, and along with Her hands I had the most wonderful sensation.   It felt like every one of my nerve endings was tingling at the same time, something I had never experienced before.

If You have concerns about privacy and discretion, She has not asked me (or tortured me) to provide any info about myself that I was not comfortable giving her.  

All I can tell you is that you must meet this Lady for yourself.   I have been fortunate to know a few really beautiful women who are great to know, because their physical beauty is matched by intelligence, wit, and personality.   Lady Sage is on that list.   I am fortunate to count Her as a friend.   She is not the Goddess of my dreams, for She managed to exceed even my best fantasies.   She has chosen to be more sensual than severe during my sessions with Her, but She demonstrated to me to have good skills to adjust Her style during a session for maximum effect.  

If my endorsement of Lady Sage is not enough to convince you, check out what others have said on the Max Fisch web site.  You will find other subs who have had similar experiences.  Someone put it very well when he said "By the end of the session you will want to propose to Her."  I highly recommend going "Through the Looking  Glass with Lady Sage."  You will find yourself in sub heaven!

A Devoted and Appreciative Slave
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